• 1966 Born in Istanbul.

  • 1991 Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Arts-Department of Cinema, TV.

  • 1986 Started her career working in Turkey's leading production companies and worked with several directors as assistant to producer and assistant to director. Then she became agency producer and film producer.
Zeynep Özbatur

  • 1994 Founded "CO Production" with Can Özbatur and worked as customer relations director and director of the company.

  • 1997 Founded another department in CO Production to produce feature film and art projects. Today the department took the name "BOX FILMS".
Today she is an executive director in CO Production and BOX FILMS.
    Her Films :
  • 2001 In Nowhere Land Feature Film producer Director: Tayfun Pirselimoğlu (with Kadri Yurdatap-Mine Film)
    • 2002 International Istanbul Film Festival
      Best Actress: Zuhal Olcay
    • 2002 International Istanbul Film Festival
      Radikal Audience Award
    • 2002 Montreal World Film Festival
      Special Grand Prix of the Jury

  • 1999 Lola+Bilidikid Feature Film co-producer Director: Kutluğ Ataman
    • 1999 Berlin Film Festival-Opening film of "Panaroma" section
    • 1999 Berlin Film Festival-Special Juri Award
    • 1999 18. International Istanbul Film Festival
      Hürriyet Newspaper People's Choice Award
    • 1999 Oslo Film Festival-Grand Award
    • 1999 New Festival New York Grand Award
    • 1999 36. Antalya Film Festival
      Best Supporting Actress (Inge Keller)
    • 1999 Köln Mediterrenian Films Festival
      Best Director - Best Second Film
    • 1999 Cinema Writers Association
      Best Supporting Actor (Celal Perk)

  • 1997 1997 "kutluğ ataman's semiha b.unplugged" producer Director: Kutluğ Ataman
    • 1997 Istanbul Biennial-Istanbul
    • 1998 Manifesto-Luxemburg