CO Production was founded by Zeynep Özbatur and Can Özbatur at 1994. Although the founders had education on cinema they decided to begin their careers by giving advertising services since they both had the experience. The company still is giving its services to Turkey's famous advertising agencies and international firms. At the same time producing international commercials.

The advertising agencies that CO Production works with include Y&R, Lowe-Lintas, Impiric, Saatchi&Saatchi, Grey Istanbul, Leo Burnett etc. Apart from its native directors the company also works with foreign directors, producers and directors of photography. We can list some of the names that CO Production is working with as follows: Jonathan Gersfield, Barry Brown, Kim Dempster, Ricardo Pauletti, Hugh Harkness, Eddie Collinns, David Wynn Jones, Yves Lafaye, Tim Spence, Lucas Strebel, Derek Suter, Jerome Cornuau etc...

At 1997, BOXfilms had been founded as an internal department of CO Production, which aimed to concentrate on cinema and art projects. Zeynep Özbatur is still the executive director of this department. The first project that BOXfilms have supported was "kutluđ ataman's semiha b. unplugged", which had participated many exhibitions and biennials. Between the years 1998-1999 the company was the coproducer of the film "Lola+Bilidikid" directed by Kutluđ Ataman with Zero Film (Germany). The company started the year 2000 with several projects and finished the documentary named "Imroz", directed by Can Özbatur. It tells us the real story of the Greek families who immigrated to Greece many years ago. They come back after a long time and visit the places that they were born and their childhood had passed. The film shows the two nations coming together in a peaceful environment. On September 2001 co-producing with Mine Film and Luna Film placed in Germany, the company undertook the production of the feature film "IN NOWHERE LAND" which is written and directed by Tayfun Pirselimođlu. Also, this project is supported by Eurimages which is an European Cinema Foundation. The film has been awarded with Best Actress and Audience Award at International Istanbul Film Festival and with Special Grand Prix of the Jury at Montreal World Film Festival on 2002.

At that moment 27 people are working at CO Production. The company also has its own post production services. The aim of the company is to become one of the best-known production companies in Europe. Therefore, it gives special importance to produce well-qualified projects that also will take international attention.