He was born in 1960. He studied violin in Istanbul Municipal Conservatory in the years 1964-1975. He studied Drama and Opera in Istanbul State Conservatory between 1977-1982. and from 1982 to 1986 he studied Turkology in Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature.

He started his first profetional acting in the Ortaoyuncular-Ferhan Şensoy Theater. Some of his theater plays are;
"Kahraman Bakkal Süpermarket'e Karşı" (The Brave Grocer Against The Supermarket)
"İstanbul'u Satıyorum" (I'm Selling İstanbul)
"Soyut Padişah" (Abstract Sultan)
"Yorgun Matador" (Tired Matador)

"Aşkımızın Gemisi Fındık Kabuğu"
"Fırıncı Şükrü Deli Vahab ve Ötekiler" (Baker Şükrü Mad Vahab and The Others)
"Çok Tuhaf Soruşturma" (A Strange Investigation)

Between the years 1987-1990 he was selected as a member to the Publication Comittee of Larousse and wrote an Ottoman dictionary. And between the years 1990-1995 he worked as a producer, director and writer in the private TV channels. He also played in the TV serials. Some of his serials are;

"Varsayalım İsmail"
"Şey Bey"
"Köşe Dönücü"
"Gurbetçiler" (Homesick)
"Vay Anam Vay"
"Karanlıkta Koşanlar" (Runners In The Dark)
"Yılan Hikayesi"

He wrote and played in TV films such as "İstanbul Şerifi" (Chief of Istanbul) and "Aşkın İki Yakası" (Two Sides of Love). He also played in the feature films such as "Karışık Pizza" (Mixed Pizza) and "8.Saat" (8th Hour).